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July 29, 2005


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Hi Moblogher,

Could you please delete my copyrighted image from your site?




Yes could you please delete that tiny image that probably nobody on the planet but Russ could identify. Its copyright protected don't you know LOL


Don't do it MoBlogHer! Fight the establishment!!!


Mmm... should delete it. Especially when the creator shows up and requests it. It is his image after all.


It's fair use, no violation of law here but if it's a big deal to Russ, I'd delete it as well.


Yes, please delete his image, it really disqualifies this interesting article. What a whimp.


Nicholas Paredes

Fair use is approximately 150 pixels or less. I try to use images at 144 pixels square, and try to name it with the source "nytimes_image" even when I don't give a credit, which frankly I rarely do. The large images ared fair game, and if it were an established publication, not that Russ is not, you'd be getting a call from an attourney.

I follwed his link, as I subscribe to his feed. Read up on fair use, it's pretty ambiguous, though there are some established concepts. I am generally not a fan of calling people on violations unless they are really flagrant. I remember all the crap from Zeldman and Stop Design about ripping off "designs," only to have it determined that the other designs were actually more established--older.

mobile jones

The fair use information is interesting. Thanks for pointing out the implications.

Does anyone enjoy irony?

In the past Beattie has bragged on his site about stealing a copy of the film Sky Captain World of Tomorrow using BitTorrent. He posted an image clearly belonging to the film's distributor to introduce the post. When one of his commenters complained about his blatant disregard for copyright, Beattie flamed.


What is wrong with you people, Don't you know that Russ was in the gifted program in grades 6 and 7 so is subject to different rules than us. Gosh the jealousy is obvious he lived in Spain too and can take pictures of shiny milk trucks from a moving car with his cellphone.

Only a gifted person would do that . So remove his property proto as its probably worth millions.


It's too ironic. Most of his posts start with a small image taken from somewhere else.

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