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August 04, 2005



One more time...

It's this copy that I'm concerned about:

LINK deleted by author as it references an image not linked on this blog for display. The best way to ensure it's unavailability is to not provide the link.

Please delete that picture.


David Harper

Hey Deb. Just so we can all get back to speading the word of mobility...

The image Russ is talking about is still linked in from the thumbnail located on the following page: http://moblogher.typepad.com/mojo/2005/07/moblogging_20.html

mobile jones

Weird. I removed the link some time ago. OK. It's gone now.

You're right of course, Dave. As other commenters have mentioned, the discussion is so much more important than this distracting nonsense.

So, now we return to our regularly scheduled programs.

David Harper

Just to be clear I was not implying any of the copyright conversation was nonsense.

mobile jones

No, Dave. You're Swiss, I get that. It didn't contribute much to the focus of this blog. That's self evident.

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